Affordable luxury meets wellness.
Affordable luxury meets wellness.


There is no finer infrared sauna than Jacuzzi®. Each one is designed with your health and well-being as the highest consideration, made with superior craftsmanship, using only non-toxic materials and the finest Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood, and furniture quality finished to enhance the look of any room.

Infared Sauna

Jacuzzi’s Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum saunas offer advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. The robust True Wave™ Full Spectrum heating system provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize your sauna session. Safe, effective and energy efficient, infrared’s radiant heat increases the thermal energy in joints, muscles, and tissues providing many health benefits. The Sanctuary sauna line is available in Western Red Canadian Cedar and North American Basswood.

Happiness Comes In Waves​

Harbor Hot Tub & Spas wants you to sink into happiness and enjoy endless waves of calm, and warmth of massaging currents.

Our Happiness Summer Offer is an invitation to relaxation with $5,000 off select models.