Your Pool.
Your Happiness.
Made Perfect


Getting to know you.

Spa-inspired details. Sleek, clean lines. Curves that suggest sand dunes. Sculptural borders influenced by nature. Your pool is an extension of you, your dreams, your relationships, your desires. No two are alike. That’s why every space we bring to life is bespoke. We’ll customize a design to work harmoniously with your style, your vision, and your landscape. It’s a personalized, collaborative design approach that gets to the heart of what happiness means to you. As we get to know you and refine it, we develop an individualized blueprint to bring your dreams to life. Inspiration is right this way.

Happiness comes in many
shapes, sizes, smiles, and sighs.

It’s out there: The pool that’s a perfect reflection of you. Together, we’ll find it and bring to life what’s in your mind. Imagine the possibilities.


A rectangular pool is where elegance meets simplicity. Depending on the surrounding aesthetic, this traditional shape is at home with both a sleek, modern design or more classic décor.

Free form

Inviting and free flowing, this type of pool uses thoughtful contours to bring a sense of natural balance and harmony into any environment.


Taking cues from local topography as well as the specific piece of land where it will live, these designs complement strong landscaping and enhance any natural backdrop.

Lap Pools

True to their name, lap pools are designed for swimming laps, usually 45-75 feet long. A must have for any lap swimmer, they also make for a beautiful backyard feature.

Negative Edge

The epitome of gracefully bringing together your pool with its surroundings, a negative edge gives the appearance that the water has no boundaries and is an extension of the setting.

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools are designed as a place for a quick dip to cool off and hang out. The ideal addition to a larger swimming area.

Swim Spas

An in-ground spa is the ultimate in bliss, especially when designed to complement a larger swimming pool. Extend your backyard season with a place that’s always comfortable to unwind.


Redefine the idea of a “pool room” with an investment in four-season luxury. Indoor pools offer the opportunity to swim year-round in a temperature-controlled environment.

Water features

Water features like fountains, waterfalls, and water walls serve as a focal point to any pool design. Features like these can add a visual impact that elevates a space.

What’s gunite have
to do with happiness

Step into almost any one of the world’s most exclusive resorts and it’s very likely the pool was built with gunite. It’s the industry standard for dependable, long-lasting pool construction. The only material considered for use by the top craftsmen.
Designed for a specific space and built on site, gunite offers unparalleled design flexibility. Underpinned by a steel framework, it resists settling and has a proven track record for durability in all types of climates. It’s the ideal base for a lifetime of happiness.
A Sparkling Pools custom gunite pool comes with the assurance you’re not only getting the highest quality materials, but every step of construction will be executed flawlessly by experienced professionals, from our expert framers to gunite application by one of our certified practitioners.

3D test the waters.

Customize your own luxury swimming sanctuary. Truly explore how your desired pool shape, configurations, and amenities can be fully realized. To make that glimpse of your dream is as real as possible, we can help you pre-visualize it with a personalized 3D video that can put you “into your dream” as your happiness comes to life.

C’mon in, the water’s fine.

Endless waves of calm. A ceiling of pure blue sky. Tall trees swaying in a slight breeze. When you sit by your pool, the sun warming your face, there’s a sense of purity. We’re committed o maintaining that purity throughout our care and maintenance program. We perform consistent water chemistry tests to ensure your pool is always perfectly balanced and beautifully clear. We use the absolute minimum amount of chemicals to maintain ideal pH levels and total algae protection for the ideal balance between pure clarity and absolute safety. Pure happiness.

Happiness Comes In Waves​

Harbor Hot Tub & Spas wants you to sink into happiness and enjoy endless waves of calm, and warmth of massaging currents.

Our Happiness Summer Offer is an invitation to relaxation with $5,000 off select models.