Hot Tub & Sauna Repairs

We’re here to help. Hot Tub & Sauna repairs are performed by trusted, experienced Harbor Hot Tub experts who execute proper repairs. Whichever issue your Hot Tub or Sauna is facing, we’ll get your product back working exactly the way it should.

Submit Repair Request

We ask you to take a moment to fill out & submit our Hot Tub & Sauna Repair request

We Schedule Repair

After we receive your Hot Tub & Sauna repair request, we will schedule your repair with one of our in-house Harbor Hot Tub experts

We Execute Repair

For most repairs, we will be able to fix your Hot Tub or Sauna on the spot. Certain repairs require us to follow up with the manufacturer for a specific part. Regardless, Harbor Hot Tubs will be there ensuring your Hot Tub or Sauna is working exactly as it should

Other Repair Options

Authorized Independent Hot Tub & Sauna Repair Providers

Independent Hot Tub Repair Providers have may have access to genuine manufacturer procedures, parts, and repair resources.
Independent Hot Tub and Sauna Repair Providers do not provide repairs covered by manufacturers’ warranty or may not hold insurance.
You can check for Independent Hot Tub and Sauna Providers near you by clicking below:

Self-Service Hot Tub & Sauna Repair

Self-Service Hot Tub Repair is for individuals whose Hot Tub, Spa, or Sauna is no longer in their warranty period and who hold the knowledge and experience to repair their Hot Tub or Sauna.

If you are experienced with the complexities of repairing Hot Tubs or Saunas, Self Service Repair may be an option for you.

Happiness Comes In Waves​

Harbor Hot Tub & Spas wants you to sink into happiness and enjoy endless waves of calm, and warmth of massaging currents.

Our Happiness Summer Offer is an invitation to relaxation with $5,000 off select models.