Happiness comes in
bubbles, heat waves,
oohs and ahs.


Welcome to your happy place.

We are as demanding of the company we keep as we are about the standards we expect of ourselves. So, we are very selective about the hot tub and sauna manufacturers we choose to work with. The companies whose products we offer – Hydropool, Nordic, Bradford, TyloHelo, SwimLife, and Dundalk – have proven over time their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, durability, and wellness matches ours. Together, they offer a wide range of models to make sure you bring home your ultimate experience in luxury.

Not just happier, healthier.

There’s a reason we say happiness comes in waves. The mentally and physically restorative benefits of hydrotherapy have been widely documented in scientific studies the world over. But wellness is a very individual experience. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil escape from life’s daily stresses or your body is craving relief from persistent discomfort, hydrotherapy is the one solution that holds water for just about everyone. Welcome to your healing journey.

Happiness for
body and soul.

Soothe aching muscles. Relieve tension. Improve circulation. Sleep easier. There is no experience that eases both body and soul like immersing yourself in the pure, luxurious swirl of warming currents. Research has shown that the flow of warm water increases your body’s natural endorphins and that immersing yourself in therapeutic waters is an epiphany for every tight muscle and stiff joint. The resulting state of relaxation allows you to re-enter daily life with vitality and a reinvigorated state of mind.
Women enjoying Hot Tub
Women relaxing in Hot Tub

Happiness is
the best medicine.

Lower blood pressure. Ease pain. Improve cardiovascular function. Speed healing. The scientifically proven advantages of hydrotherapy are many – easing symptoms of arthritis, reducing the severity of migraines, stabilizing your metabolism, reducing pain caused by multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis and more. There is no more natural or comfortable way to alleviate discomfort and restore ease of movement than a consistent therapeutic regimen of curative hydrotherapy. 

pHq: Your personal happiness quotient.

At Harbor Hot Tubs we’re committed to helping you create your own personal “comfort zone”or pHq (personal happiness quotient). From the “outside in” with pool and spa designs that integrate seamlessly into your landscape. A year round “ultimate care” maintenance program that takes the stress out of service. Minimum use of the most environmentally safe products. From the “inside out” with a carefully curated selection of “metaphysical tools” such as sage and essential oils designed to help provide inner tranquility and balance that complements the harmony and calming nature of water. And we practice what we believe. We start every day with a team meditation session.

Happiness Comes In Waves​

Harbor Hot Tub & Spas wants you to sink into happiness and enjoy endless waves of calm, and warmth of massaging currents.

Our Happiness Summer Offer is an invitation to relaxation with $5,000 off select models.